Artificial intelligence: the creative edge

How should schools respond to the AI revolution in the workplace? Alex Soulsby calls for a greater focus on the arts to help students thrive by developing skills involving creativity, critical thinking, adaptability and emotional intelligence. More than 20 years ago, the educational reformist Sir Ken Robinson shone a bright and powerful light on the […]

The Case For the Arts in a Post-Covid World

So with very few international exceptions, it seems like the pandemic is over and it’s back to normal for educators. Masks gone, testing over, lock down threats a thing of the past and face- to-face learning in place for the vast majority of students and teachers. Zoom has all but been pushed to one side and for the fortunate, the main visible legacy is an ongoing battle with post lockdown waistlines, dietary habits and our relationship with the local gym.

The Chiang Mai Festival City journey

Part 1: An idea thirty years in the making… Please join hands across Chiang Mai to help the city put on an annual city-wide festival, tentatively titled Chiang Mai Festival City, with the aim of becoming one of the region’s greatest annual events held by all people of Chiang Mai for the benefit of the […]

Chiang Mai Festival City on the horizon?

This week editor Pim Kemasingki talks to Alex Soulsby, creative education specialist and founder of Prem Artist in Residency Thailand. Alex is an advocate for the importance of art and creativity in all areas of education. This week, however, we discuss Alex’s efforts in spearheading the – fingers crossed – upcoming Chiang Mai Festival initiative. […]

How to bring art into the classroom (and vice versa)

A decision to set up an artists’ residency at an international school in Thailand has fostered a spirit of collaboration and led to some ‘wonderful moments’ of creativity, says Alex Soulsby continue reading to source website…

How in-school artists helped boost creativity

Keen to embed the creative philosophies of Sir Ken Robinson, this school brought an art residency into the school, with intriguing lessons and learning outcomes Continue reading to source website

Mind blowing event!

On Wednesday 16th December Prem’s Artist Residence Thailand in partnership with Real Talk Philosophy hosted a truly mind expanding event at Food4Thought restaurant. The keynote speakers were  philosopher and broadcaster Nigel Warburton (author of more than ten books, his world famous podcast ‘philosophy bites’ has been downloaded close to forty two million times) and Professor of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience […]

Prem International School Chiang Mai shortlisted for prestigious global award

The finalists for the prestigious 2021 International Schools Awards have been announced and Chiang Mai’s Prem International School is delighted to have had its Artist Residency Thailand programme shortlisted… From nearly 300 entries from 62 countries, Prem is one of only three schools selected in this category from what the awards body describes as “an […]

Artswork goes to Thailand Part 2

Flying back to the UK gives a rare moment of ‘betweenness’ – neither one place nor the other – and hence some space to reflect. The seminar on Thursday evening (13/02/20) jointly hosted by ARThailand and Chiang Mai Creative City – – that I referenced at the end of my first blog, was a very positive […]

Artswork goes to Thailand | Part 1

Ideas, possibilities, reflections and inspiration are all aspects of my time here in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and our work with ARThailand at Prem Tinsulanonda International School (PREM). Artswork was invited to Thailand by Alex Soulsby (Director of ARThailand – the Artists Residency Programme) to work with him and the school, its staff and students, around the arts […]