Hi, I’m Alex Soulsby

Award winning Creative Education Specialist 

I bring over two decades of leadership in arts integration and creative and cultural education to schools and educational settings. I am passionate about connecting schools and young people with their communities and beyond.

"The future of education lies in nurturing human creativity, where arts and culture become one of the cornerstones of learning in the age of artificial intelligence."

About Me

Alex is an award-winning creative education specialist, with over 20 years experience of development and leadership in arts integration and creativity programmes, including strategic development with schools, community organisations, informal education settings, local and national governments.

With broad experience across sectors, age ranges and nationalities, his work has been widely celebrated, including two nominations for the prestigious British, National Charity Awards, commendations from the International Baccalaureate Organisation and most recently, recognition of ‘International Impact’ via the International School’s Awards


His work on National education campaigns in the UK and in the development of models for engendering creativity in education, recently resulted in him becoming a nominated and elected fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts

Alex is currently the founder and Creative Director of Artist Residency Thailand, and leads on creative development for Traidhos Three Generation and Prem Tinsulanonda International School. 

‘organisations’ I have worked with

Creative and cultural education frameworks

Developing Creativity in Education

Strategies for integrating creativity into the curriculum, emphasizing interdisciplinary approaches and critical thinking skills enhancement.

Community Engagement in Learning

Techniques for connecting schools with local communities, including collaborative projects and cultural partnerships, to enrich the educational experience.

Developing Competencies for an AI Future

Crafting pathways in education that prioritize arts and cultural learning to nurture essential human competencies — empathy, creativity, and collaboration — vital for thriving alongside artificial intelligence.

Collaborative Leader Curriculum Innovation Specialist Learning Experience Designer

Transform Your School into a Global Creative & Cultural Hub

Partner with me to revolutionize your educational landscape by integrating an international arts organization at the heart of your school’s curriculum. Experience the transformative power of integrated expert residencies, where creativity and learning collide to produce dynamic, globally recognized educational programs. Embrace the GMTC model and unlock unparalleled creative vision and partnerships, ensuring your school becomes a beacon of cultural and educational innovation, celebrated on the world stage.”


Some of the awards won by me over the decade in education industry


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